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Jump Scaring People on Omegle! 0    0

Omegle scare pranks from the last year. Never-before seen Omegle troll clips from my 1 year of scary Omegle videos.

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Scary Magic Prank on Omegle! Pt.2 0    0

Another Omegle prank with some scary special effects magic and funny reactions. Thanks for watching! Please leave a LIKE if you enjoyed :-) Music "Scheming Weasel" by Kevin MacLeod...

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Jeff the Killer Scares Omegle Video Chatters Again! 0    0

Jeff the Killer hits Omegle with ALL NEW creepypasta scares. Creepypasta omegle prank scare with Jeff the Killer with even more great Omegle funny moments Jeff the Killer played by Jonathan Oehlberg...

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Scary Clowns Prank on Video Chat! with Pennywise & Creepy 0    0

Scary clowns prank people for Halloween. A great practical joke on Omegle with a clown prank by killer clowns Creepy & Pennywise, both portrayed by MarioTV in some evil clown makeup. Thanks t...

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Laughing Jack Scares Omegle Video Chatters! 0    0

New creepypasta scares with Laughing Jack on Omegle. Some scary, great Omegle funny moments from this creepypasta omegle prank scare with Laughing Jack. "Laughing Jack" played by Da...

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Zombie Jesus scare on Omegle ! 0    0

Zombie Jesus visits Omegle to scare some Omegle video chatters. Everyone thinks it's funny and cute until a guy dressed like Jesus turns into scary Zombie Jesus. ;-D Second channel-Nuke's Top 5: ●...

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John Cena Scare Prank on Video Chat : Omegle 0    0

His Name Is... John Cena !!! John Cena scare prank on Omegle. Some great WWE Omegle funny moments with a MESSED UP John Cena meme. John Cena "portrayed" by : Rob Ryzin •NukeNorwa...

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Scary Magic Prank on Omegle! 0    0

Funny pranks on Omegle with a lil' magic and some special effects. And a scary witch too! :-) Please leave a LIKE if you enjoyed! Music "Scheming Weasel" by Kevin MacLeod (incompete...

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The Rake Goes on Omegle ! SCARY! 0    0

My fav creepypasta The Rake goes on Omegle. Some great Omegle funny moments from this creepypasta scare. Original special effects makeup artist Ron Berman from the film "The Gravedancers&...

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Scare Prank on Omegle : Throw It Out The Window! 0    0

Funny reactions when I scare some people with scary sfx prank faces and meet some Omegle fans. Please leave a LIKE if you enjoyed! Thanks for watching :) Music "Sneaky Snitch" by ...

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The dark one is back with another hilarious omegle prank! With creative ideas and funny reactions makes a great video! Remember to leave a like before you leave! Creator here:

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Devil Baby Prank on Omegle 2 ! 0    0

Another scary devil baby attack prank on Omegle. More funny scare reactions! Please leave a LIKE if you enjoyed! :-) Music "Guess Who" by Kevin MacLeod (

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HULK SMASH! Scary Omegle Prank 0    0

Incredible Hulk on Omegle video chat scares the crap out of people! No one is ready when Hulk Smash! Omegle. Some very funny reactions and moments. The Hulk is my favorite Marvel comic character. In ...

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SCARY MELTING MAN on Omegle (Omegle Funny Moments) 0    0

SCARY Melting Man Prank (Omegle Funny Moments) No one on Omegle is quite sure how to react when a scary guy whose face freezes and melts shows up. Some great Omegle funny moments in this prank as some...

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Scary Prank on Omegle 11 - Cat Vs Cat 0    0

As promised, more scary omegle with a cat fight and Herobrine. A little late in some timezones(SORRY!) Facebook: Twitter: In this scar...

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