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Jump Scaring People on Omegle! 0    0

Omegle scare pranks from the last year. Never-before seen Omegle troll clips from my 1 year of scary Omegle videos.

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Scary Magic Prank on Omegle! Pt.2 0    0

Another Omegle prank with some scary special effects magic and funny reactions. Thanks for watching! Please leave a LIKE if you enjoyed :-) Music "Scheming Weasel" by Kevin MacLeod...

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Omegle Pranks - Kermit the Frog Scaring People 0    0

Everyone's favorite muppet- Kermit the Frog transforms into a hideous frog monster and scares the crap out of Omegle video chatters. Hilarious Omegle scary prank! Phil Skimbosh(Puppet & Voice...

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Scary Prank on Omegle 8 - The Lost Episode! 0    0

I've been asked MANY times what happened to Scary Prank on Omegle 8 or why there is a jump from Scary Prank #7 to #9. Well 1 year later here is Scary Prank on Omegle 8, back in its (mostly)original sc...

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Scary Clowns Prank on Video Chat! with Pennywise & Creepy 0    0

Scary clowns prank people for Halloween. A great practical joke on Omegle with a clown prank by killer clowns Creepy & Pennywise, both portrayed by MarioTV in some evil clown makeup. Thanks t...

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Zombie Jesus scare on Omegle ! 0    0

Zombie Jesus visits Omegle to scare some Omegle video chatters. Everyone thinks it's funny and cute until a guy dressed like Jesus turns into scary Zombie Jesus. ;-D Second channel-Nuke's Top 5: ●...

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John Cena Scare Prank on Video Chat : Omegle 0    0

His Name Is... John Cena !!! John Cena scare prank on Omegle. Some great WWE Omegle funny moments with a MESSED UP John Cena meme. John Cena "portrayed" by : Rob Ryzin •NukeNorwa...

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The Rake Goes on Omegle ! SCARY! 0    0

My fav creepypasta The Rake goes on Omegle. Some great Omegle funny moments from this creepypasta scare. Original special effects makeup artist Ron Berman from the film "The Gravedancers&...

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Scare Prank on Omegle : Throw It Out The Window! 0    0

Funny reactions when I scare some people with scary sfx prank faces and meet some Omegle fans. Please leave a LIKE if you enjoyed! Thanks for watching :) Music "Sneaky Snitch" by ...

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SCARY MELTING MAN on Omegle (Omegle Funny Moments) 0    0

SCARY Melting Man Prank (Omegle Funny Moments) No one on Omegle is quite sure how to react when a scary guy whose face freezes and melts shows up. Some great Omegle funny moments in this prank as some...

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I went on Omegle and Scared some strangers for Halloween. ► Click Here To Subscribe: Follow Oli on Twitter: Add me on Snapchat: OliWhite1 ...

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Venom Scare on Omegle ! 0    0

Venom visits Omegle this week. Some great scares as a cute lil Spiderman / Venom creeps out Omegle chatters. Plus the scary talents of makeup artist Adam Fitz. Also, some Omegle funny moments with a p...

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Chucky goes on Omegle! 0    0

Chucky on Omegle in real-time 3D animation. And a voice-changer for that creepy "Child's Play" Chucky voice :) Facebook: Twitter:

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Hanging Man Prank on Omegle 0    0

Hit *thumbs up* if you enjoyed the new omegle video! Subscribe for more! - Instagram- Twitter- In this ...

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