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Guy Pranks Girlfriend with Epic Ketchup Bomb - Let the Prank... 0    0

Reuben decided to play a prank on his girlfriend, Rebekah, by making a ketchup bomb. He added baking soda to ketchup in the container and made some fries. When she walked in and opened the ketchup con...

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Guy pranks girlfriend by putting Fake Tan in her foundation 0    0

The moment Rueben put fake tan in his girlfriend Rebekah's foundation to get her back for a wax strip prank.

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554 BADMAASH PRANK 554 gone wrong | Pranks in Pakistan 0    0

(Turn on English Subtitles) "Badmashi Prank" gone wrong | Pranks in Pakistan Subscribe to our Channel Give a big thumbs up and dont forget to share the video. Comment below what o...

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Mutant Giant Spider Dog (SA Wardega) 0    0

FACEBOOK: SUBSCRIBE: Muzyka pochodzi z katalogów X-Ray Dog, Kosinus i West One Music.

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Scary Zombie Prank In Pakistan 0    0

Scary Zombie Prank | 1st Time in Pakistan Subscribe for more like us on facebook follow us on instagram Humanitarianss

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