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The Ring Prank Video Chat : Omegle Scare 0    0

A crazy Rings scare prank on Omegle video chat, featuring a crying girl that transforms into a ghost from The Ring. People FREAK OUT! Some great scares and funny reactions. This is not the typical Sa...

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Funniest Moments on Omegle 2! 0    0

Share this video if you liked all the crazy Omegle action! Subscribe for more! - In this funny Omegle video, I edited some of the funniest moments I've done! These are from the ...

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In this video we have Fearagen back with another terrifying video! He sure does like to scare people and gets great reactions out of doing so! A like would be incredible guys! Creator here: https://w...

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Jeff the Killer Scares Omegle Video Chatters Again! 0    0

Jeff the Killer hits Omegle with ALL NEW creepypasta scares. Creepypasta omegle prank scare with Jeff the Killer with even more great Omegle funny moments Jeff the Killer played by Jonathan Oehlberg...

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Scary Clowns Prank on Video Chat! with Pennywise & Creepy 0    0

Scary clowns prank people for Halloween. A great practical joke on Omegle with a clown prank by killer clowns Creepy & Pennywise, both portrayed by MarioTV in some evil clown makeup. Thanks t...

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Laughing Jack Scares Omegle Video Chatters! 0    0

New creepypasta scares with Laughing Jack on Omegle. Some scary, great Omegle funny moments from this creepypasta omegle prank scare with Laughing Jack. "Laughing Jack" played by Da...

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John Cena Scare Prank on Video Chat : Omegle 0    0

His Name Is... John Cena !!! John Cena scare prank on Omegle. Some great WWE Omegle funny moments with a MESSED UP John Cena meme. John Cena "portrayed" by : Rob Ryzin •NukeNorwa...

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The Rake Goes on Omegle ! SCARY! 0    0

My fav creepypasta The Rake goes on Omegle. Some great Omegle funny moments from this creepypasta scare. Original special effects makeup artist Ron Berman from the film "The Gravedancers&...

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The dark one is back with another hilarious omegle prank! With creative ideas and funny reactions makes a great video! Remember to leave a like before you leave! Creator here:

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SCARY JIGSAW KILLER! (Omegle Trolling) 0    0

AsKaGangsta is back, This time with a scary Jigsaw Killer Prank, Support your FPT ARMY by leaving a "thumbs up" FPT Director - Check out our ...

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Donald Trump's Face Scares People ! (omegle) 0    0

This week Donald Trump and a scary Donald Trump zombie go on Omegle video chat to scare people. Surprisingly Donald Trump's actual face seems to scare people more than Zombie Trump :-D Some great Ome...

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SCARY MELTING MAN on Omegle (Omegle Funny Moments) 0    0

SCARY Melting Man Prank (Omegle Funny Moments) No one on Omegle is quite sure how to react when a scary guy whose face freezes and melts shows up. Some great Omegle funny moments in this prank as some...

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AsKaGangsta makes his first appearance with an epic yet kinda creepy Anonymous Prank, Support your FPT ARMY by leaving a "thumbs up" FPT Director -(Subscribe)

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Five Nights at Freddy's 4 Prank on Omegle 0    0

Five Nights at Freddy's 4 on Omegle in a scary prank, featuring some great reactions and alot of screaming :). Five Nights At Freddy's 4 characters: Nightmare Freddy, Nightmare Chica, Nightmare Bonni...

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Zombie on Omegle! 0    0

Hit *thumbs up* if you liked the new omegle prank! Subscribe for more! - Instagram- Twitter- In this fun...

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