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Top 10 Demon Scare Pranks 0    0

Hope you've got life insurance because these pranksters might make you speed away in your car. This Is The Top 10 Demonic Pranks This video is presented by Xander Fyfe. Don't agree with our list leav...

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How to make DIY Fake Poop | April Fools Day Special 0    0

This April fools its time to take the pranks a notch higher. You need to watch this video and learn how with some simple materials you can make some fake poop. Once you have done this just go around p...

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DIY April Fool's Prank | April Fools day | Mad Stuff With Ro... 0    0

A fun DIY April Fool's Day Prank that will really freak your friends out. Watch, play the prank on them and shoot their reactions. If you like the video then do give it a big fat thumbs up! You can n...

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