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The Ring Prank Video Chat : Omegle Scare 0    0

A crazy Rings scare prank on Omegle video chat, featuring a crying girl that transforms into a ghost from The Ring. People FREAK OUT! Some great scares and funny reactions. This is not the typical Sa...

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The Conjuring 2 | Super Scary Nun Prank by Funk You 0    0

So guys after having a look at The Conjuring 2 Trailer on HBO we just thought of coming up with a Nun Scare, a new PRANK which you guys were anyways requesting. We Hope that You guys will enjoy it. Le...

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SCARY PRANK: Dead girl out of tv new 'Rings' movie Promotion... 0    0

SCARY PRANK2: Horror Jigsaw Killing with Chainsaw in Escape Room OUT NOW!!

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