Kids Family Rain Day - Random Pranks - Girls Scary Haunted House


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School keeps us busy! If we were home schooled then we would have more time to record new content including exciting pranks and challenges and family trips during the week instead of just weekends. Rainy days bring families together doing indoor activities. Not everyday is going to be a day full of pranks. Pranks are very random and are mostly done during the weekend when school is out. Fun challenges are done at least once or twice a week depending on the school schedule. We have been reading over lots of amazing prank and challenge ideas.

Looking back at a scary haunted basement video clip we did for Halloween back in 2012. We are looking for some ideas for making our 2015 Halloween scary video. If you have any scary video ideas please comment them below. We will credit those who suggested ideas that we use in the video. Dad pulling pranks as usual with sudden surprises. Our fan mail is being opened on video next week. Our latest question and answer video. Little girl having fun with her dad and her big sister.

If you have any exciting pranks or challenges you would like to talk about then be sure to share that with us. See our mini celebrities videos we did with Kittiesmama and some old videos we did with sevensupergirls.
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