Omegle Trolling - Bloody Mary Knows Where You Live


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So in this video, I go on Omegle using a fake video of a woman with her eyes bleeding and people react to it. I also name where people live to add more of a scare, so I hope you enjoy the video! :D

Video of girl with bleeding eyes:

Note: I always tell the stranger that it's just a prank as long as they don't disconnect before I get a chance to. Even if they do disconnect, I usually end up seeing them again on Omegle which allows me to tell them that it's just a prank. For this video specifically, I actually did tell everyone in it that it was a prank after I pranked them.

You might be wondering how the hell I know a persons location on Omegle. Whenever two people are connected on Omegle video chat, Chatroulette, or skype, each persons IP address is sent to the other persons computer. From using software on my computer, I know where the persons IP is sent to on my computer. This software allows me to see their IP and then for their general location. I don't know their exact location. For those that say this is illegal, it is far from it. This is not illegal at all because I have the legal right to see what systems are connecting to my computer and where they are coming from. I just want to make that clear that it's not illegal.

IMPORTANT---- If you look up someones IP address on Omegle (or any other site), DO NOT ABUSE IT. Do not make threats against other people. Do not impersonate me. I say this because I've heard of some people copying me, making threats, and claiming to be me. Making threats against anyone is illegal. Notice that I never and will never actually use a threat against anyone while doing this. I say things like "Do you live in (state)" or "You look kinda familiar" or "Can I come over to hang out if its ok with you". If you actually threaten someone it is very illegal. If the person that you threaten decides to call the police, law enforcement will be able to trace your IP and you will be in deep shit. That is why I am not giving anyone specific details on how to do this exactly, because I am concerned that people will abuse it. There is a line. Please don't cross it.

Also, if you see someone on Omegle that is doing this type of prank, don't assume that it's me. If you think you might have saw me on Omegle, comment on one of my videos or Tweet at me if you wanna know if we met
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