Prank of Kindness Flying Home and Surprising Mom


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My mother recently underwent surgery and was recovering in the hospital. I was able to fly home to Hawaii for the weekend from Pharmacy School and surprise my mother post surgery. I was taking tests during the time and couldn't make the trip back before the surgery, but I was glad i was able to be there for support after.

She had no idea that I was coming home as I told her I was going snowboarding that weekend. It was both a surprise and a prank on my mom, a New First Best April Fools Prank of the Year 2015! I hope you can enjoy her reaction and how overcome she was. It was one of the best surprises I could give my mother. Love you mom.

New First Best April Fools Prank of the Year 2015 Surprising my mom.
8 hour flight
Being able to surprise my mother after surgery: Priceless.

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