The Best April Fool's Prank Ever: Telling my parents my girlfriend is pregnant


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So I decided to play a pretty bad joke on my parents for April Fools Day this year. We were at a vacation home with several other families and it was around mid day, and we were about to head out to go to a ski resort. Before we left I put on my acting face and acted very traumatized and grabbed both my parents and told them i needed to talk to them and brought them upstairs into an empty room in the house where I hid my camera on the floor behind a chair. I held their hands and asked them if they loved me, to my dismay they said yes (:D) and I said I got my girlfriend pregnant and then buried my head in my hands and began to fake cry. I was surprised how calm they were even though they had no idea it was a prank, I felt bad so I ended the prank quickly and as my mom was telling me "remember how I told you we would be there for you no matter what?" I said "yeah but its a good thing its April Fools Day!". Then they panicked and immediately started beating me to a pulp, I don't blame them. Enjoy!
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