Top 10 Dumbest Pranks!


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Top 10 pranks that went wrong and ended up painfully for these brave, but foolish pranksters! #PRANKSGONEWRONG #INSTANTKARMA
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Top 10 stupid prankster pranks:
Pulling up pants "in the hood" ft. OckTV (intro).
#1 Balls, slurping bawls and checking out marbles ft. BroPranks and Pranks Tube.
#2 Stealing cellphones, pick-pocketing and ATM robbery ft. FRlKK, Reckless Youth and OckTV.
#3 Sitting on people and pulling chairs ft. OckTV and ItzArya.
#4 Picking fights by asking for a punch, Kik and Poke app ft. PrankBoys, BroPranksTV and OckTV
#5 Gay pranks ft. BroPranksTV and Denniscee.
#6 Knocking drinks out of hands and throwing water into people's faces ft. ItzArya.
#7 The N-word "niger" and "nickel" ft. ViktorCrazy and Joey Salads.
#8 Stepping on shoes and making fun of their shoes ft. PrankBoys, Denniscee TV and ItzArya.
#9 Kisses, first kiss and kissing buttocks ft.Simple Misfits, AverageBroTV and BroPranksTV.
#10 Tasered after fake poop prank on car and stepping inside random cars ft. ViralBrothers and ItzArya.

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